My mission is to help organizations create communications that engage and inspire their audiences. I pride myself in combining in-depth needs assessments with well-executed graphic design, employing a wide range of media—including publications, presentations, exhibits, branding and online design.

My interest in visual communication started early on with drawing and printmaking. After attending the University of New Hampshire and then Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, I worked as a graphic designer for a variety of internal marketing departments and small graphic design firms. Over time, I discovered my passion was helping socially concerned organizations and institutions work to improve their communities. For the past 10 years, as a freelancer, I’ve worked to fulfill the visual communication needs of nonprofits, municipalities and grassroots organizations, often focusing on community health.

In addition to providing graphic design services that enhance my clients’ messages, I offer a range of management and interpersonal skills. As a project manager, I set clear expectations, hold myself and others accountable, and build good working relationships. I enjoy finding the right systems and technologies to simplify work flow and increase productivity.

My goal is that each one of my clients—whether a community group, nonprofit organization, for-profit business or government entity—is successful in conveying their messaging to their audiences with a compelling story, strong copy and a great use of visuals. In addition, as a senior-level graphic design and communications professional, I strive to bring out the best in team members and foster a positive, productive work environment.